New Partnership Launch – Metro Development Group and Emera Technologies

January 20, 2021


National Community Debut — Medley at Southshore Bay Powered by BlockEnergy

The new standard for residential power reliability has been set with BlockEnergy’s community debut in Medley at Southshore Bay — developed by Metro Development Group for  Metro Places with new homes by Lennar. Located in Florida where outages from storms regularly cause power disruptions, the new Medley homes featuring BlockEnergy will have unmatched storm resilience, keeping the power on even when the grid goes down.

Different than any home power system brought to market, BlockEnergy was crafted as a total community power system, made to set the bar higher for in-home power to match pace with the changing expectations and lifestyle needs of the public. With more battery-powered devices, native DC appliances, electric vehicles and more, the future is set to run on exponentially more electricity — meaning power sources that are cleaner, renewable and resilient are mission critical.

To meet this demand, Emera Technologies reimagined electricity with industry-defining reliability — making it simpler, safer and local with highly renewable, advanced technology. Reaching back to their corporate heritage demonstrating over 100 years of delivering electricity safely to communities of all sizes through the Emera Inc family of diverse energy and services companies, Emera Technologies introduced BlockEnergy to the residential market in Q4 of 2020 with a step-change in technology and a first-of-its-kind, utility-owned business model.

Following on the heels of a successful research and development partnership with the Department of EnergySandia National Labs and Kirtland Air Force Basethe Lennar and Metro Places partnerships had BlockEnergy set to be installed in the Medley at Southshore Bay community the same week the product was being introduced to the national market.

Metro Places – The Optimal Residential Launch to Show What BlockEnergy Technology Can Do

Medley at Southshore Bay is a +55 Active Adult community developed by Metro Places. The  leadership team at Metro Places chose to debut BlockEnergy in this unique neighborhood to highlight many of the innovative ways advanced and highly renewable power can immediately benefit the unique needs of aging, active adults. The results are tangible and deliver peace of mind, along with safer, independent living while enhancing access to everything a Florida lifestyle at Southshore Bay has to offer.

When the power goes down from a storm or grid outage, older adults have additional concerns making power surety essential. Many who are making their way toward retirement or those on a fixed income may find the need to purchase a back-up generator daunting or even out of reach financially. Homes like Medley with BlockEnergy remove the need for generators entirely with BlockEnergy’s unique ability to keep homes powered at full capacity — even during storm or grid events.

Metro Development Group  + BlockEnergy Delivers Real Results

Residents who need to keep critical medical equipment operating, refrigerated medication protected, air conditioners and ceiling fans running, water heated, and golf carts, cellphones and tablets charged, can rest assured with BlockEnergy’s ability to maintain power.  Residents won’t find themselves in the dark during an outage thanks to the advanced renewable generation and battery storage positioned locally, along with the multiple layers of failsafe electricity protection BlockEnergy provides to homes and the greater community.

Homeowners get cleaner, renewable energy, along with the latest battery storage technology and local, surplus generation and it’s all maintained and operated by the utility.

Even More Homeowner Advantages

  • Get the Most Advanced Power System Available
  • No Upfront Costs for Cleaner, Local Renewables
  • Residents Pay for Energy Used, Nothing More
  • Superior Reliability and Future-Power Ready Now
  • Unmatched Storm Protection from Power Outages
  • Completely Maintained and Operated by Local Utility

Pair all of this with Metro Places commitment to deliver the latest community innovations, such as:

  • Crystal Lagoons bringing acres of resort-style fun year-round
  • ULTRAFi delivering the fastest home Internet speeds in the U.S.
  • Rapid EV golf cart charging to make getting around fun and easy
  • Renewable Metro iLights for always-bright community streets and pathways
  • New neighborhood spaces, like the BlockEnergy Pet Play Yard for companion animals
  • And much more

BlockEnergy by Emera Technologies, is a perfect fit to join Metro Places catalogue of top-tier amenities found throughout the Southshore Bay community.

The Details — How BlockEnergy Works at Medley by Metro Development Group

BlockEnergy homes in the Medley community will benefit from several levels of energy assurance: local renewables and batteries, back-up power generation and storage, and a direct connection to the main grid — all operating advanced, BlockEnergy technology for communities. All of this is installed during new home construction and ready when the keys are handed to the new homeowners.

The BlockEnergy system by design operates indefinitely and without any interruption, even if:

  • The grid is offline
  • Powerlines are down outside the community
  • Electricity is interrupted to the power grid from storms

The technology powering BlockEnergy continually optimizes electricity in the community, assuring homes operate at peak performance and efficiency — with immediate access to as much power as each home needs, day or night.

The Medley community also hosts local generation and storage in a community energy park, gathering surplus renewable power, so it’s always on-demand as seamless back-up for community or individual homeowner needs, without any extra costs to the homeowner.

The smooth switching, charging and generation actions BlockEnergy performs are also entirely invisible to the homeowner. BlockEnergy’s advanced technology simply handles the needs of each home independently, with homeowners using the same lights, switches, plugs and appliances they do now without any adaptations or changes required by residents.

Plus, BlockEnergy and all of its hardware, software and connections are installed, maintained and operated by the local utility indefinitely at no extra cost – homeowners simply pay the same residential electric rate for energy used to their local utility, and nothing more.

Combine all of these benefits and BlockEnergy delivers the most technically advanced, convenient and highly reliable electricity available to residential communities.

Get a BlockEnergy Home at Medley by Metro Development Group

Discover how good life can be with local power you can count on in Medley homes featuring BlockEnergy. Find your perfect floorplan with all amenities and advanced power offered in this exciting, new 55+ Medley neighborhood that’s part of the master planned Southshore Bay community.

To learn more about BlockEnergy, visit for the many ways highly renewable and resilient power is changing electricity delivery to neighborhoods across the nation bringing local utilities and communities together through Emera Technologies advancements in home power.

Metro Development Group is the result of experienced developers, real estate professionals, financial experts and community specialists coming together to discover and develop land opportunities with a common goal and vision in mind. This vision includes creating award-winning, modern communities that appeal to our long-standing investment partners, trusted homebuilders and most importantly, our valued homeowners simply by being the very best at what we do. As we define what it means to be a true 21st century developer, we are committed to bringing some of the most innovative technologies and world-class amenities to our growing portfolio of communities. With the introduction of Metro Places, the Connected City, ULTRAFi and Metro Lagoons by Crystal Lagoons, Metro Development Group continues to be the gold standard in the development of master planned communities.

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