Block Energy Unit

Distributed Energy at Residential Community Scale

Owned, operated, and maintained by the local utility, BlockEnergy is the world’s first utility-focused, front-of-the-meter, residential microgrid system.

Deliver the Future of Energy Today

Unite. Energize. Transform. Together.

BlockEnergy brings electric utilities, homebuilders, residential developers, government policymakers, and homeowners together on an unstoppable mission: powering homes with ultra-reliable, cost-effective, and clean energy.


Make DERs work for you, on your terms, serving the load of new homes while capitalizing on grid services at the grid edge.

Builders and Developers

Elevate your projects, add extra value, and increase sustainability for your customers by offering the peace of mind and power security homeowners today demand.


Accelerate the adoption of distributed energy resources, meet clean energy objectives, and please your constituents.


Sleep well at night with maintenance-free, uninterrupted power in your home, keeping your energy costs low.

How It Works

With plug-and-play technology designed to eliminate complexity and risk, the BlockEnergy fully functioning power system is purpose-built for utility application in new single-family, mixed-density, senior, and built-to-rent neighborhoods.


Get the BlockEnergy Benefits


Meet clean generation goals by rolling 
out community-scale DERs


Military-tested and storm-resilient with advanced battery storage


Offer clean, resilient energy to any pricepoint home

Designed for Utility Application

Affordable load management tool: always islanded, but interoperable with the grid


Scalable, adaptable, with advanced controls to manage and connect DC loads

Predictable Power Costs

Eliminate significant variable costs with high levels of renewables and storage on-site

Let’s Pilot a Project Together Today

BlockEnergy in Use

Explore the communities enjoying the most advanced power available today.

Albuquerque, NM

Kirtland Airforce Base Pilot Project

Military-tested Technology

Developed in partnership with Sandia National Labs and the Department of Energy, the BlockEnergy system has been running seamlessly on Kirtland Airforce base since 2019.

Wimauma, FL

Southshore Bay Community Mini-grid

Storm-resilient Reliability

While the local grid went down for several days due to Hurricane Ian in 2022, the lights stayed on in the 37-homes on this BlockEnergy microgrid owned by TECO, built with Metro Development Group and Lennar Homes.

Fairmount Heights, MD

LMH Community Mini-grid

Democratized Distributed Energy

The 6 homes in this low to moderate income neighborhood, built with HIP for PEPco, show how easy it is for utilities to provide equitable access to clean, resilient energy.

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