Distributed energy at residential community-scale with BlockEnergy™ by Emera Technologies.

BlockEnergy - 2020 Product Release
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product

Cleaner Local Energy

BlockEnergy™ delivers the benefits of cleaner, advanced renewables with the convenience of a distributed energy platform able to seamlessly interoperate with the utility grid.
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product

More Value

The utility, the homeowner and the community get more value. Robust energy built with resiliency at community-scale, operated by the local utility is available for the first time ever with BlockEnergy™.
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product


The local utility owns, operates and maintains the BlockEnergy™ community microgrid at no additional cost to homeowners, who simply pay the residential rate-base for energy used, and nothing more.
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product

Safer and More Reliable

Superior storm protection, the lights stay on — even when the grid is down. BlockEnergy stops more power disruptions from weather and grid events, delivering the most advanced power available today.
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product

Future Ready

Modular and scalable, BlockEnergy™ ready for the future now, leaving behind no stranded assets for utilities, today or in the years ahead. BlockEnergy™ is built to flex with the coming grid innovations, made to scale with load increases as communities grow.
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product

Utility Operated

BlockEnergy™ is s distributed energy resource for communities. Digitized and able to provide real-time feedback, with energy-intelligent power controls that log actionable data for simpler utility monitoring and operation.

BlockEnergy™ in the News

BlockEnergy in the News

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Local Clean Energy
Local Cleaner Energy
Utility Operated
Utility Operated
Utility-Owned DER for Communities
Utility-Owned DER for Communities
Advanced Battery Storage
Advanced Battery Storage
Safe and Reliable
Safe and Reliable
Power Security
Maximum Power Security

Pay Only for Energy Used, Nothing More

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