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July 18, 2023


E+E Top Product 2023

BlockEnergy Community Microgrids were named Top Product of the year in the 2023 Environment + Energy Leader Awards.

Receives Top Product of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader


July 18, 2023
– Block Energy, LLC is thrilled to announce that the BlockEnergy™ microgrid system has
been honored with the prestigious Top Product of the Year Award in the
Environment + Energy Leader Awards program. This accolade recognizes the
BlockEnergy system as an exemplary leader making great strides in energy or
environmental management.

is the first complete solar-plus-energy storage residential microgrid solution
that enables utilities to provide distributed energy at community-scale with
local generation, storage, and consumption for increased operability, security,
and grid resilience.

Because the
BlockEnergy system is utility-controlled, it can operate as an independent
power platform and integrates seamlessly with the grid to offer grid-edge
support to our aging grid. The building blocks of BlockEnergy’s modular
microgrid enable it to scale easily as the community grows.  

BlockEnergy residential microgrid system and utility-focused partnership does
not currently exist in any other system as most microgrid systems are designed
as AC-grid backup power systems. The BlockEnergy system is “always on” because
it is designed using direct current for on-peak usage – so it is never a burden
to the grid. It’s an independent power producing neighborhood that’s grid-tied
for grid-edge service and support. 

outstanding qualities and remarkable achievements of BlockEnergy captivated the
attention of the program’s distinguished panel of judges. One judge remarked, “I
believe this project holds great value as it has the potential to bring about a
substantial impact on residential communities through the provision of
affordable renewable energy…Moreover, its scalability ensures that its benefits
can be extended to a larger scale without incurring additional costs.”

judge added, “This product is innovative in a sense that they are trying to
provide a variety of benefits…to residential customers in no additional cost to
the customer, which I think is much needed. At the same time, it has the
software control to aggregate all the energy storage and provide grid service
to the utilities.” These testimonials affirm the exceptional impact and
excellence of BlockEnergy in driving sustainability and energy efficiency.

Environment + Energy Leader Awards program aims to commend excellence in
products and projects that deliver significant energy and environmental

“When we
created BlockEnergy, we wanted to pave a path towards a cleaner, more
grid-resilient future by changing how we could generate and distribute
electricity at the community level,” said Rob Bennett, founder and CEO of
BlockEnergy. “We are incredibly honored for BlockEnergy to be recognized by
Environment + Energy Leader.”


in Tampa, Florida, BlockEnergy is the world’s first
distributed renewable energy platform for new communities of all sizes. A truly
plug-and-play energy system, BlockEnergy is comprised of a simple kit of parts,
able to be installed by local utilities as a capital asset to deliver the most
advanced, secure, resilient power available. Scalable, storm-resilient, and
able to interoperate seamlessly with the local grid when needed, BlockEnergy
allows new communities to benefit from a seamless platform combining rooftop
solar, energy storage, and smart distributed controls.  

the Environment + Energy Leader Awards:

For over
a decade, the Environment + Energy Leader Awards have celebrated excellence in
the world of environmental, sustainability and energy management. Award
recipients are acknowledged as industry leaders, and featuring a Top Project or
Top Product of the Year Award badge signifies their outstanding contributions.
Companies seeking sustainable and energy management solutions trust that E+E
Product of the Year Award winners offer a comprehensive array of vetted
products to guide their decision-making. Project of the Year Award winners
exemplify how sustainability and energy management projects can successfully
enhance the profitability of other companies.

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inquiries, please contact:
Stephanie Schiff

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