Lennar Medley Model Home with BlockEnergy
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Medley by Lennar

Featuring BlockEnergy™

BlockEnergy™ is the world’s most reliable electricity available today, providing advanced power you can depend on and energy that’s local, renewable and secure. The BlockEnergy™ Smart Platform is installed throughout the Medley community in Southshore Bay by Lennar, where the sun powers your new home.

Medley by Lennar is setting the new standard in resiliency and reliability, BlockEnergy™ provides advanced protection from power disruptions. Every home is equipped with several layers of energy assurance— solar, battery and generation. All connect seamlessly to the local utility grid and requires no homeowner maintenance, delivering safe and highly reliable energy to communities of all sizes.

Local Cleaner Energy • Advanced Battery Storage • Power Security • Safe & Reliable • Utility Operated

Homeowner Advantages

Every Medley by Lennar home has rooftop solar, advanced battery storage and benefits from community storage and generation, plus:

  • Worlds Most Advanced Renewable Power
  • No Upfront Costs for Cleaner Renewables
  • Pay only for Energy Used, Nothing More
  • EV-Charging Capable – Ready for the Future
  • Superior Power Reliability and Storm-Protection
  • Owned, Maintained and Operated by the Utility
BlockEnergy Smart Platform Residential Product

Homeowner Advantages

Every home has rooftop solar, advanced battery storage and community generation, plus:

  • Superior Storm-Proof Electricity
  • No Capital Outlay, Pay Only For Energy Used
  • No At-Home Back-Up Generators Needed
  • Smart Controls Deliver Optimized Energy
  • World’s Most Advanced Renewable Power
  • Worry-Free, Utility Operated and Maintained
  • Highly Reliable, Giving Your Family Peace of Mind

How BlockEnergy™ Works

How It Works: At Medley by Lennar, all BlockEnergy™ equipment is installed, operated and maintained by the utility at no extra cost to the homeowner. Each home in the community has three levels of energy assurance: solar, battery and generation. Paired together, BlockEnergy™ delivers advanced power security with maximum reliability. The technology powering BlockEnergy™ can also connect to the utility grid without interruption. This unique feature provides an additional source of backup power. All of these connections joined together result in the most reliable power available today.

How BlockEnergy™ Works

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Color-Matched to Your Community Environment

The BlockEnergy™ system can be color-matched to each community palette, matched to the preference of the homeowner , or be made to meld organically into the environment. The choice is yours. Tap an image below to explore the possibilities.

BlockEnergy™ deployed in Medley by Lennar at Southshore Bay by:

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